Many of our clients lead active lifestyles. Ottawa is a great place for that. The landscape of Ottawa is dotted with numerous bike trails and paths. It’s possible to get around this city quickly and easily with a bike, just so long as it isn’t wintertime.

Our dental office is accessible by bike. We recommend that you do not take Merivale Road, as there are no dedicated bike lanes. Instead, use some of the side streets and bike paths to get here.

  • From the south, use the bike lanes on Hunt Club Road and Prince Of Wales Drive, then bike down Colonnade to the numerous bike baths that cross Napean Creek.
  • From the west, take Woodroffe’s bike lanes until you reach David Drive, then bike on the side streets until you reach our offices.
  • From the north, take sidestreets across baseline road. Walk your bike on the sidewalk if you’re forced to take a major street.
  • From the east, take side streets from your destination to our door.

To see the bike paths and bike-friendly streets around our area, follow this link.

There are places to lock your bike near our office.

Note that, if you are under anesthesia or “freezing” during your appointment, wait until our staff tells you it is okay to bike before leaving.

Nearby Parks

If you’re taking your whole family to the dentist using our family scheduling, perhaps you’d like to take them to a park first to help them relax.

At The Teal Umbrella, we’re flanked by numerous city parks.

Located directly behind us on Bayne Avenue is City View Park, which features a full play structure and swings.

Across Merivale along Meadowlands and then down Chesterton Drive is General Burns Park, which features a lot of green space and a public pool.

Please ask our staff for more family friendly activities nearby at your appointment.

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