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kid smiling

Helping Your Child Cope with Teething Pain

It’s no secret that teething is a traumatic time in a baby’s life. If adults had to endure the pain of teething, we would certainly prove to…

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dentist making implants

Dental Implants FAQs

A nice smile can stand out from across a room; it’s also noticeable when your smile is lacking a few teeth. As adults we shouldn’t have…

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a kid brushing her teeth

Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to come in around 7-12 months. Baby teeth typically begin to fall out in the early elementary years (5-7 years old)…

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A woman receives a dental treatment

5 Surprising Facts about Dental Implants

57% of children, 59% of adolescents, and 96% of adults are affected by tooth decay. By our golden years, many of us have lost a lot,…

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