Dental Implants VS Bridges & Dentures

Whether you are missing a single tooth, or are have several teeth that need replacing, it is important that you weigh your options carefully, and listen to your dentist’s opinion. Teeth implants have quickly become the number one recommended choice by dentists over bridges and dentures. Continue reading to find out why:

Damage to Teeth

Many dentists now recommend replacing a missing tooth with an implant over a bridge because bridges can sometimes do more harm than good. Damage can be done to existing teeth because the bridge must be affixed to the healthy teeth on either side of the gap. In order for a dentist to prepare your teeth to accommodate the bridge he must file them down to support the cemented bridge. This is an unfortunate approach as it takes what was once a perfectly healthy tooth and makes it more vulnerable to bacteria and decay. From an aesthetic point of view as you age you can be prone to receding gum lines which will expose the unsightly metal base of the bridge, ruining your smile.

Damage to Bone

In the case of a full or even partial denture you can be at risk of bone loss. Your natural chewing and biting motions as well as the existence of your teeth’s natural roots all work together to keep your jaw bone stimulated. The stimulation of your jaw bone allows you to produce new cells which are needed for a healthy jaw. When you have dentures you lose that natural contact between root, gum and bone. When this happens you remove the natural process that keeps the jaw bone stimulated resulting in deterioration. This causes your jaw bone to shrink which can actually change the look of your face. A shrinking jaw bone leads to ill-fitting dentures, pain and difficulty speaking and eating.

Natural Fit and Dental Health

Teeth implants provide you with a permanent tooth replacement option that is almost as natural and real as your teeth. Dental implants provide actual roots that will fuse to the bone providing an anchor as stable as your natural roots. The fusion to your bone continues to receive the stimulation required for strong bone health. Dental implants also do not require any special care other than your usual oral health regime. Best of all your implants will look and feel like your natural teeth.

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