The Different Types of Dental Sedation

The Different Types of Dental Sedation

Dental care plays a key role in your overall health, and it is important you take good care of your teeth. However if you feel uncomfortable undergoing even the most basic dental care procedures, it can be difficult to book your annual dental check-ups or carry through your recommended dental treatments.

Dental sedation offers patients the option to undergo their dental appointments “phobia free”. This is an important option as it offers an easy way for patients to maintain the recommended oral and dental health regime without putting their health and emotions at risk. There are three basic types of dental sedation available making it possible for everyone to find the technique to suit their needs.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas provides a comfortable way to undergo dental care as it is applied with a mask and does not require any additional preparation. Patients are asked to breathe in the laughing gas throughout their dental appointments and are provided with a relaxed conscious sedation that allows them to communicate if necessary. You can also leave the office without the need for an escort. Laughing gas is quickly and easily administered and is equally as quick to be removed from your system without any adverse side effects.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation provides you with medication that will help you relax prior to your treatment. It also provides a conscious sedation allowing you to remain awake during your treatment free of any related anxiety. Sedatives are used to help ease you into a relaxed state and you will require someone to accompany you home as the sedatives take longer to wear off than laughing gas.

IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is applied through an IV. You can receive either a mild IV sedation similar to that of laughing gas and oral sedation, or a moderate sedation which will still allow you to remain conscious but not experience pain or anxiety. With IV sedation you will more than likely have no recollection of the treatment at all which appeals to patients with severe dental phobias. Following IV sedation you will require an escort as the medication will stay in your system for quite some time following treatment.

Each of these dental sedation methods allow you to be conscious and able to voice concerns if you are nervous, feeling ill or feeling pain. Before undergoing treatment you can discuss each option with your dentist and together make the choice that is best for you.

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