Making Dental Care Fun

It is a common event for most households to face a struggle when it comes to children brushing their teeth. Reasons for this can vary, whether it be stubbornness, or lack of interest there are several things you can do to make dental care fun:

The Right Toothpaste

It might seem easier to have a toothpaste that suits the majority of the family, but this can cause an issue for the younger ones. Adults have different needs for toothpaste such as sensitivity as well as fresher breath. For children the toothpastes you commonly use could be quite unpleasant for kids. Even the freshest, mintiest toothpastes can actually burn your child’s sensitive tongue. A good start is to make sure you use a kids’ toothpaste with a flavour they have picked and will enjoy.

Teach with Games

Encourage kids to learn how to brush their teeth properly by using a game. Kids like to mimic adults so a copycat game often works well. Make plenty of bubbles when you brush to show kids brushing is fun. Your little one will then be more encouraged to copy your brushing and look forward to doing it each night. You can also have a brushing your teeth song that lasts about two minutes so you can both sing and brush for the right amount of time.


Creating a routine is very important for children. They need structure and knowing they have to brush at the same time makes their routine a little easier. Try to stick to the plan with the right toothpaste and a fun game so they do not have a reason to dread brushing.

Show Results

Shop for plaque disclosing tablets that will colour your kids’ teeth. These agents show kids where they have plaque build-up. When they brush they will see the results of as some of the plaque disappears.

Rewards for Brushing

As a last resort you can also look at offering a reward system for brushing. Focus on a weekly system with a fun board that shows stars for each time they brush. You can then look at non-food rewards such as choosing the movie on movie night.

By making brushing fun, your kids will develop healthy brushing habits that will stay with them for life.

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