5 Signs That Conscious Sedation Dentistry May Be Right For You

For many, the dentist’s office brings up feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Holding off on seeing the dentist for as long as possible, individuals dread the day that work has to be done on their teeth or mouth. With that in mind, dentists have been working on techniques to make a dentist appointment less stressful.  Understanding the importance of preventative care and yearly checkups, the technique of conscious sedation is becoming even more popular. Let’s take a moment to define what conscious sedation is and then list five signs that it may be right for you.

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation dentistry is considered a form of moderate sedation where you are still conscious but totally relaxed. Conscious sedation melts away your apprehension, but are able to communicate with your dentist. It makes going through dental operations far easier while keeping you conscious and capable of movement.

You Experience High Levels Of Stress With Operations

If you experience high levels of stress when it comes to operations, then conscious sedation will lower or even rid you of this stress. As many people experience stress when other people are very close and paying attention to aspects that they may be self-conscious of, conscious sedation removes the underlying fear and instead makes the entire experience pleasurable.

You Experience Dental Phobia That Keeps You From Coming In

A step up from experiencing stress, dental phobia is far more severe. Typically, it will cause individuals to never see their dentist unless something is unavoidably wrong, allowing for small problems to quickly grow in size. By using conscious sedation, individuals with a dental phobia can have the necessary work done and survive the experience without extreme distress.

You Dislike Being Knocked Out For Dental Operations

Many people do not like being knocked out for dental work. Conscious sedation allows you to remain awake and aware throughout the procedure while also keeping pain down to a minimum.

You Like Being Able To Communicate In Case Something Goes Wrong

It is typical to fear pain, and conscious sedation removes the pain from dental procedures. In addition, it allows you to be conscious enough to relate pain or if you notice anything else going wrong.

You Trust Your Dentist

There is a great deal of trust between a dentist and a patient. If you trust your dentist and his/her skill in creating a state of conscious sedation, then it may be right for you.

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