Addressing Your Child’s First Cavity

Ensuring the health of a child is a priority for any parent. However, with so many things to consider, certain elements of health can often go ignored until they become a problem. Dental health is one such consideration. Things like cavities can become a problem and need to be addressed as soon as possible. With years of experience, your dentist in Ottawa will have experience with children, providing you with the knowledge you need to act accordingly if your child has a cavity. With that in mind let’s review signs that your child may have a cavity, treatment options, and prevention.

Signs That Your Child May Have A Cavity

Is your child feeling around their mouth with their tongue a lot? Are they frequently stopping conversation to poke their teeth with their finger? Another sign may be that you child is experiencing pain in their mouth when biting down. If left for enough time the pain may become very bothersome and even cause enough pain to raise concern in you that something more severe may be happening to your child. With frequent dental visits, the dentist will also examine your child’s teeth, finding and taking preventative care to ensure that the cavity is stopped in its tracks. In every case, be aware of unusual behavior in your child and ask them if anything is currently wrong with their mouth.

Treatment Options For Your Child’s Cavity

There are several different options when it comes to treating cavities. The same is true when it comes to children, where many of the same techniques are used but a greater amount of care is given as the teeth may still be growing. Small silver caps for the teeth and a basic cement material to help keep it in place is normal. Generally children report the procedure to be relatively painless and overall it does not take much time at all to complete. More often than not, the fear of the problem often eclipses how challenging the process ends up being.

Prevention Of Future Cavities

The prevention of future cavities should be first and foremost when it comes to your child’s dental care. That being said, some individuals are predisposed towards cavities and as a result they may still be necessary, even when the best brushing and care is taken. Despite this however, it is incredibly useful to build good brushing habits as early in life as possible. Lasting their entire life, these habits will help to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

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