Why We Love Invisalign Braces

If you feel insecure about the alignment of your teeth and don’t like the idea of wearing braces as an adult, Invisalign can provide the perfect compromise – invisible braces! Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign utilizes a clear aligner system that is proven and effective to achieve the results you want fast. Here are just a few of the reasons why we love Invisalign braces and why so many of our clients do too.


It’s Virtually Invisible

One of the most common deterrents for people who avoid having their teeth straightened is the look of traditional metallic braces. We get that a mouth full of metal isn’t a very attractive feature. Thankfully, with Invisalign, they’re virtually invisible.  These custom-made aligners are worn on your teeth and adjusted regularly to produce results fast. So there’s need to worry about showing up to work feeling like you’ve transported back to your teenage years.


Easy Removal When Eating

You also won’t have to fuss over getting food lodged into your new braces. These can be easily removed when you’re eating, so you get to enjoy your food without making brushing or flossing a monumental task.


You Don’t Have to Endure Sharp Wires

With traditional braces, it’s common for your gum and tongue to get scrapped against sharp brackets and wires. But with these aligners, you don’t have to worry. They’re smooth and wire-free.


Improve Self-Esteem

Whether it’s for yourself or your teen, being able to avoid the visual component of braces is a huge bonus for improving self-esteem – something that’s pretty important as a teen.


Quick Maintenance

Since these aligners can be removed easily, it makes cleaning and maintenance simple. You don’t have to spend upwards of 30 minutes getting into the crevices. Plus, you won’t run the risk of having stains left on your teeth once the braces are removed.


Convenience & Comfort

Being able to slip them off and on when necessary makes them super convenient for you as well. Plus, they’re designed to feel comfortable when wearing them – something that once seemed impossible with traditional braces.

With all of the benefits that Invisalign braces have, it’s easy to see why so many of us love them. They’re not only fast, effective, and convenient, but the fact that they’re virtually invisible can provide you and others with the motivation and incentive needed to finally do something that you’ve always wanted to do – straighten your teeth. How can we not love them? Contact Teal Umbrella to learn how to get started today.

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