Kids at the Dentist

a kid brushing her teeth

Tips from Your Pediatric Dentist: Taking Care of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth (primary teeth) begin to come in around 7-12 months. Baby teeth typically begin to fall out in the early elementary years (5-7 years old)…

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A father and son brush their teeth together

5 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Your Child

We all know that good dental health is extremely important, but tell that to a child who just wants to play. Finding ways to make brushing…

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A man and his son brush their teeth together

Addressing Your Child’s First Cavity

Ensuring the health of a child is a priority for any parent. However, with so many things to consider, certain elements of health can often go…

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A boy sucks his thumb in his sleep

The Long-Term Consequences of Thumb Sucking

According to the Canadian Dental Association, thumb sucking is natural self-soothing behaviour for babies and toddlers because it helps them relax and puts them at ease.…

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