Merivale Dentist

Regardless of whether you’re attending Algonquin College or live in one of the many high-rise apartment complexes nearby, chances are that you’ll be in need of a dentist every once in a while, even just for a checkup! If you’re looking for friendly, fast, and attentive dental services delivered by some of the most experienced professionals in the business, look to The Teal Umbrella!

Our Merivale Dentistry location provides all who visit with a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere that seeks to soothe nerves. Combined with the friendly and supportive assistance of our dental team, you’ll find the best dental care in the area!

Are you looking to whiten and brighten your smile? Or, have you thought about cosmetic treatments? No matter whether you need emergency dental services or advice on how to make your smile more confident, we can lend a helping hand. Based on decades of collective experience in dental practice on innumerable patients, our team has developed the ability to quickly and accurately identify problem areas, suggest ideal solutions and then implement them in a manner that maximizes your comfort and wellness.

Exceptional Service Designed for All Ages

We’re a family dentist through and through, and our Merivale location is no different. Regardless of whether you’re looking to bring your youngest in for their first dental checkup or need pain relief with your own smile, we’re happy to get to know you and deliver exceptional service! We offer a complete range of dental services designed to help restore, maintain, and maximize the potential of any smile. Whether you’re seeking preventative dentistry, restoration services, or specialized cosmetic procedures, The Teal Umbrella has you covered and then some.

For holistic, attentive dentistry that is designed for maximum comfort during and after you meet with us, contact us today to reserve an appointment! We look forward to seeing you.

We are OPEN for all dental services NOW. Contact us to learn more