Setting Your Child on the Path for a Healthy Smile

setting your child on the path for a healthy smile

Our smile is our beacon – it stays with us throughout each moment of our lives. And it can affect our life in more ways than we may realize. That’s why it is imperative to teach the important of oral hygiene and maintenance to our children in order to set them on the right path towards a healthy smile. Here are a few tips on how to set your child on that path for maintaining optimal oral health.

Find a Pediatric Dentist

Dental phobia often starts in childhood. Set your child on a healthy path by bringing them to visit the dentist at a young age to build that relationship and help your child get familiar with the environment. Choosing a family dental clinic will make it easy for everyone in the family to get the dental care they need. A family dental clinic can treat the parents and children alike in one convenient visit.

Scheduling their First Dental Check-Up

We all know how easy it can be to avoid the dentist, especially when you’re unsure of how your child will react. It can be a stressful venture. But it’s important to start them off nice an early. For those parents unsure of when it’s appropriate to schedule that first dental check-up, the general rule of thumb is either when they’ve developed their first tooth or around their first birthday. Getting them used to the dentist when they’re young can ensure the health of their mouth is off to a good start, and can also help to expel any fears.

Teach them about their Teeth

Teeth can often be an area that’s easily overlooked when teaching children about the development of their body. So when you play those games that identify different areas, simply incorporate their teeth and mouth as well. Talk to them about teeth, their benefits and importance. Make it fun.

Brushing Teeth

When you start to brush your children’s teeth, let them take over the reigns so they can practice each time until they feel comfortable enough to do it on their own. While they brush, you can explain and instruct on how to properly brush in order to ensure they do a great job. Make them feel like they’ve achieved something after each initial cleaning. However, it’s important that you are still involved with the brushing until your child has the manual dexterity to clean their whole mouth and reach those tricky spaces.

Lead by Example

Children are very intuitive and inquisitive. They can easily pick up on our habits and attitudes. So if your own oral hygiene is subpar, they too will notice. Always lead by example by showing them how you take care of your teeth.

Start your child’s oral care off right. Begin early and teach them about the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums so they can maintain their beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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