Do people back away when they’re talking to you? Do you experience a bad taste in your mouth even after brushing your teeth? If you’re concerned about having bad breath, it’s important to pinpoint why and get to the bottom of it.  Here we’ll tell you about the 7 most common causes of bad breath and what you can do to keep your mouth smelling fresh.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Sometimes, the reason can be as simple as this – those who don’t take proper care of their teeth are more prone to bad breath. If you want to keep your breath smelling fresh and clean, you have to brush and floss your teeth daily. If you rush through or skip your daily oral routine, you’re letting food particles accumulate and fester while helping bacteria thrive. So make sure to brush and floss as directed by your dentist to combat bad breath and plaque.


Did you know that bad breath is often the sign of a more serious health condition? Certain diseases are known to cause a change in the smell of one’s breath. Liver disease, for one, often gives off the smell of ammonia due to the buildup of waste in the body. So don’t hesitate to call a doctor if you notice bad breath accompanied by a sudden illness.

Tobacco Use

Sorry smokers, you’re at a big risk of having bad breath, even hours after your last cigarette.  When you smoke, the smell of tobacco lingers on your breath, and the effects can also lead to gum disease which causes halitosis.

Sinus Infections

Ever notice that your breath smells a bit off when you have a sinus infection? You can blame bacteria and candida for that. Bacteria loves to feed on the mucus produced by your body, and the buildup of candida can create bad breath when the fungus starts feeding on the sugars and yeasts that you eat, creating an embarrassing smell for sinus sufferers.

Dry Mouth

The saliva in your mouth has an important job to do. It works to prevent bad breath by removing bacteria and food particles. So when you experience a decreased flow of saliva, the bacteria and leftover debris can start to break down, giving off an unpleasant scent. Drinking more water can help keep you hydrated and flush out the mouth.

Gum Infections

Unhealthy gums also can provide the perfect conditions for bacteria to reproduce and multiply. If you have a persistent taste in your mouth, gingivitis could be to blame. Make sure to visit your dentist, as this mild gum disease can quickly escalate into the more serious periodontal disease.

Dentures and Braces

It’s true, if you wear a dental appliance you’re more likely to experience bad breath. That’s why you should remove and wash your dental appliances as often as possible.

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