Cases When You May Receive Dental Sealants

Why are sealants often referred to as the shield for your teeth? Because they feature a thin, translucent coating that acts as a protective barrier for your molars. Without dental sealants, bacteria, and plaque can enter the crevices of your teeth and cause dental problems to develop, like cavities. So it’s not uncommon for your dentist to recommend a sealant for you if they believe you’re likely to be susceptible to decay. With this in mind, here are the primary cases when you should expect to receive dental sealants from your dentist.

Hard-to-Clean Areas

When you have crooked or crowded teeth, it can become challenging to clean in between the nooks and crannies. And even when you brush and floss properly, food can become lodged in some of the areas, leading to bacteria buildup and plaque. If you have hard-to-clean areas, it’s likely that your dentist will apply a sealant to give your teeth an extra layer of protection from cavity-causing bacteria.

Teeth with Pit Development

If any of your teeth form a deep fissure, it’s likely that the pit will be challenging to clean. So, if a hole starts to develop in your tooth, you may need a sealant to create a barrier over the top of the grooves and dips in order to prevent decay from forming.

Those Prone to Cavities

Some people are more prone to cavities than others. This is due to a genetic component that makes some of us more sensitive to sugar and acids. If your dentist determines that you are prone to cavities, they may recommend a dental sealant to help reduce your risk of decay in the future.

Preventative Care

It’s not uncommon for a child to be given a sealant as soon as their molars grow in. This helps prevent any decay from forming as they develop and grow. Starting preventative oral care early can help to reduce the chances of cavities and other dental conditions from developing down the road.

A dental sealant might just be what you need to give your teeth that extra barrier of cavity protection. But, just remember that a dental sealant will not protect you from other dental conditions like gum disease and cancer, and they should not be used as an excuse to stop brushing your teeth. Only a proper oral health regime and regular dental checkups will help you to maintain good oral health. To find out if you need a dental sealant, contact us at The Teal Umbrella today.

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